Wednesday, September 5, 2018

About me

Welcome to  My name is Ben Moore and I'm an IT Systems Engineer located in upstate New York.

I have no idea what this is going to be, or what will ultimately end up here but it was suggested that I start a blog.  It will likely revolve around my day job consisting mostly of VMware products as well as other related enterprise level technologies.

For a little bit of my history, I've worked in one form of IT for the past 18 years (ever since I graduated from high school).  That's right... no college level education here.  I started my career in the year 2000 by working in a little "mom and pop" type computer store which entailed building custom PC's, cleaning up the typical spyware laden machine, etc.  That store eventually closed up shop and left me unemployed for a few weeks.

Around 2001, after the computer shop closed up, I was hired by a regional bank and started out as an entry level systems technician.  This consisted of constantly running user to user correcting desktop issues, replacing PC's, basic end user troubleshooting, etc.  This bank is where I would spend close to the next 10 years working my way up and furthering my education and experience, and would finish out my time there as the Technology Services Support Manager.

After 10 years I realized that I preferred being able to be hands on with the technology rather than managing the people that did.  I decided that it was time to move on from the bank and in 2011 was hired at a local insurance company as a Systems Engineer.  Eventually I was promoted to a Senior Systems Engineer, and ultimately to the Lead Systems Engineer (the position I currently hold).

Throughout my journey, I've been able to acquire the following certifications:

CompTIA A+
CompTIA Linux+
Certified Novell Administrator 6.5
HDI Certified Support Center Manager
VMware Certified Professional - Datacenter Virtualization
VMware Certified Professional - Desktop and Mobility

I've had the advantage of being able to work with some of the top technologies in the industry and form some key relationships over the years.  I love what I do and will hopefully be able to share some of my knowledge and experience through this blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

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